The EU Legal and Judicial System

November 15-19, 2010 the ESI arranged courses The EU Legal and Judicial System. The study programme was attended by officials of the Judicial Department of the Highest Court of Russia, judges of Moscow City Court and Moscow Region Court, as well as representatives of the Moscow community of lawyers.


Participants had opportunity to listen to the leading Russian scholars of European Law, Professor Lev M. Entin, Professor Sergey Y. Kashkin and Professor Mark L. Entin. Specific part of the course consisted of the issues regarding the EU competition law. The lecture on this topic was read by Sergey O. Korogod. The Professor Olga Potemkina, the Head of the Department in the Institute of Europe spoke about the Space of freedom, security and justice in the EU.

Specific feature of the programme appeared to be participation of Philippe Singer (Head of the Department of Documentation of the EU Court of Justice). His lessons were devoted to the input of the EU judicial bodies into evolution of the EU law. During his lectures Mr Singer provided insight into the latest trends in legal interpretation of the Founding Treaties and other normative acts of the European integration body. His lively speech, illustrated by colourful and vivid examples helped students to feel the spirit of the discussions, which take place in the halls of the Court.

Participants of the courses highly recognised their organisation and content. During the ceremony of awarding certificates, Professor Mark Entin, the Director of the ESI highlighted that the Institute will continue to arrange similar programmes and it is open for discussion of possible topics with Ministries, services and other organisations, which feel need in knowledge on European integration and the Russia-EU relations.