Short-term training courses for young Russian diplomats

21-25 September, 2009 - short-term training courses for young Russian diplomats.


The programme included lectures by Professor M.V. Strezhneva, Professor M.A.Troitsky (Deputy Dean School of Political Affairs, MGIMO), Professor N.G.Adamchuk (Head of the EU Economics department of the ESI at the MGIMO), Professor A.V.Malgin (Councilor to the Rector, MGIMO), Professor T.V.Zonova (Professor of the Department of Diplomacy), Professor I.M.Busygina (Director of the Centre for regional political studies, MGIMO), Professor S.S.Veselovsky (Deputy Head of the Department of Master training, MGIMO), Professor I.V.Kudryashova (Associate professor in the Department of Comparative Political Analysis, MGIMO). The programme included courses on political relations between Russia and the USA, global management, international terrorism and others topics. 35 official MGIMO certificates were issued to the graduates from the programme.