About us

The European Centre of Excellence at the MGIMO-University was established in 2009 on the basis of several University structures involved in teaching and research in the field of EU studies and EU-Russia relations.

The ECE at the MGIMO is the first Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence in Russia. In its research activities and public events the Centre employs the staff resources and best practices of the most prestigious University of the country - the MGIMO-University, which offers programs in 12 fields, including international relations, regional studies, world politics, EU law, European Integration, world economy, international law, political science, governmental and municipal government, journalism, public relations.

The Centre is primarily based on the three Departments that specifically focuse on delivering courses and conducting research in European integration and EU law. They are the Institute of European Law (director, PhD Tamara Shashikhina, Jean Monnet prof. since 2007), which delivers a Master program and a Postgraduate program for non-law graduates in “International Law and EU law”, the European Studies Institute (director M. Entin, Jean Monnet prof. since 2006), which conducts postgraduate training and re-training of Russian civil servants and entrepreneurs in the fields of EU economy, politics and law and, finaly, the European Integration Chair (CH O. Butorina, Jean Monnet prof. since 2005), which conducts research and offers courses in various aspects of European economic integration. The staff of the Centre through the MGIMO-University has been granted two Jean Monnet Chairs (EU Law, M. Entin and European economic integration, O. Butorina) and a Module in EU Business law (T. Shashikhina).

Objectives and methodology

An overall objective of the Centre is to foster understanding of the EU through promoting academic excellence in research and education in different aspects of the European integration and EU Law and stimulating interdisciplinary research of staff and students.

The innovative impact of the Centre is ensured by its multi-disciplinary approach, target audience and dissemination methods. The Centre organizes international conferences, seminars and short courses (schools) on European integration, Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, European Law and Human Rights issues. The public to which the Centre addresses its activities includes civil servants that deal with European matters and EU-Russia cooperation, postgraduates in European studies, economy and business, university teachers and students. Some events (Human Rights short courses and short courses on the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice) are conducted on a regular basis.

The activities of the Centre are all based on the involvement of European experts with knowledge and experience in European Studies and representatives of the EU institutions. The activities are aimed at stimulating of intercommunication between Russian and European participants. Bearing in mind the main target groups and final beneficiaries – Russian civil servants, dealing with EU matters or cooperation projects, academic staff – the project is highly likely to have important impact on strengthening cooperative approach and therefore on development of EU-Russia relations in different fields (security, economy, harmonization of law, human rights).